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این گوشه کوچک از دنیا تنها مال من است

WARNING: "Some re-assembly of priorities and beliefs may be required"
ساعت ۳:۳۳ ‎ب.ظ روز ۱۳۸٧/۱/۱٥ 

The next book I am planning to read is "Giving"by Bill Clinton introducing both well-known and unknown heroes of giving. Showing how each of us can change the world,“regardless of income, available time, age, and skills,”.I always wonder what the optimal degree of selflessness is. It's a few months that I am practicing to love myself more and to put myself first, I am re-assemblying my priorities and belifs, but how much is normal and how much is selfish. I found out that there is a fine line between these two

I am a big fan of charity and sometimes I find others' excuses not to donate really funny.A common excuse is that "I don't trust charities or I don't have enough money". Here in Canada there are so many good NGOs and non profit organizations;
Oxfam, greenpeace , ...centreaide

For Iranians who prefer helping their compatriots, there is a trustworthy NGO which helps talented children who are economically disadvantaged : Child foundation

Hagire and I, have been sposoring an adorable intelligent girl for a while through them

It's hard to believe that 85% of Canadian adults over the age of 15, made a financial contribution to a charity or other NGO in 2004, according to Statistics Canada!! Isn't that amazing ? 85%

But for those extremely pessimist ones who really do not want to trust any NGOs, there is another good deed. is " the world's first person-to-person micro-lending website" where you browse entrepreneurs' profiles on the site, choose someone to lend to, and then make a loan( 25 $ or more which you will get back in 6 or 12months), you will also receive email journal updates and track repayments. So many times, when I want to eat out or buy another pair of sandals or buy a bottle of Absolute, I ask myself if I can pass and invest my 25  in a business in a 3rd world country or I really need to get drunk. Here is my profile and my 3 loans in the past 6 months

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